About LATI Blocks

(As of Oct 2017)

LATI Blocks Concept

LATI Blocks are 4x1-hour sessions that cover 1) fundamentals, 2) drills, 3) song learning, and 4) "flex time". There are currently four of these blocks per week: Tuesdays 6-10pm, Wednesdays 6-10pm, Thursdays 6-10pm, and Sundays 1-5pm, each with a different repertoire goal. Students pick their repertoire goal(s) and commit to a certain number of hours a week, purchasing a stamp card to cover their classes for the 3-month term. Most students average 2-4 hours per week and the Block system is intended to accommodate a wide range of commitment levels, from 1 to 12 hours per week.

Janet wants to start at the beginning and learn the details of slant-style fundamentals. She chooses Tuesdays 6-7pm and Sundays 1-3pm. She purchases a 3-hour/wk stamp card.
John saw a performance of Jack Bazaar and although he's only been playing for two years, is very motivated to learn the piece. He commits to the whole Sunday Jack Bazaar block and purchases a 4-hour/wk stamp card.

Stamp Cards, Expiration

1-hr/wk commitment: $168 / 3 mo. term ($14 / hour)
2-hr/wk commitment: $264 / 3 mo. term ($11 / hour)
3-hr/wk commitment: $324 / 3 mo. term ($9 / hour)
4-hr/wk commitment: $384 / 3 mo. term ($8 / hour)
(additional options avail.)



It is usually possible to miss one or two classes during a 3-month term and keep up with the course. Missed class time can be made up in another Block class, understanding that the repertoire goal will likely be different. It is our goal that students use all their stamps every term.


Businesses use stamp cards because they can safely assume that many will go unfulfilled. We find this unethical, and in contradiction to our goals as a school. LATI's goal is to make you a better taiko player and to spend time together sharing the joy of taiko. Toward these ends, we very much want you to use all your stamps every term, and we'll display the successfully completed stamp cards.

How to Join

You can see our current list of LATI Blocks here, and contact Kris for personalized recommendations.