Intern Input Day: 12

Have you looked at the new 12-week courses yet? There are two courses with a special!!

On September 25, next week Wednesday, LATI's new courses are starting up! Just in case you haven't seen them yet, these courses include Hachijo Form: Create Your Piece, Beta Patterns: DokoKara, Odaiko Form: Finding Your Role in Omiyage, Naname Form: Stance and Strike, Asano Youth Class 4pm, Asano Youth Class 6pm, Hachijo Form: Hachijo Aikoukai, and Drills: Big Drums. Classes are $22 each but for two of these classes we have a special going on!

My recent project for LATI was to create a ticket that was a type of class stamp card. For the courses Hachijo Form: Hachijo Aikoukai and Drills: Big Drums we have tickets where you can purchase five classes for $105 or ten classes for $200. After purchasing the card, we will stamp it for each class you take to keep track of how many you have attended. These are the only two classes that the tickets apply to. If you'd like to purchase either of these, just give us a call at (310) 974-4490.