Intern Input Day: 25

What a crazy fun weekend! On Saturday, we had a great workshop led by Wendy Jedlicka who taught us about body awareness. We learned simple exercises that will be useful in preventing future injuries while playing taiko. Thank you Wendy for an awesome workshop!

We also had an adventure on our way to CicLAvia. Unfortunately our trailer that was carrying all of our performing equipment broke down halfway to our destination. Luckily, Wendy was able to come and take our equipment back to the facility in her car and we turned back to bike to Asano Taiko US. We had a casual performance in one of the classrooms of LATI and ate delicious cold soba for a rejuvenating lunch. Although it was a little disappointing that we couldn't make it this time around, it was a great way to know what we have to prepare for next time.

Now, the next big thing is the Miyake Workshop next week! If you haven't purchased a ticket for the workshop yet, it's not too late to buy them from the Brown Paper Tickets event. There are two workshops on Saturday, October 19 and Sunday, October 20, one from 10am to 12pm (Miyake Basics) and the other 3pm to 5pm (Applying the Basics and Advanced Techinque). We are very lucky to have the Tsumura family travel here to teach this increasingly popular style of taiko so don't miss your chance to learn!