Julia Asano-November 06, 2013-latidama-evaluation

Julia Asano
Beta Essentials

Req 1

  • PASS - Stance and arm positions relaxed, strikes executed with arms stretched to the fullest according to speed.
  • PASS - Right and left hand strikes independent, yet equal in movement and dynamics.
  • PASS - Transfer of movement-foci transitioned well: shoulder - elbow - wrist.

Req 2

  • PASS - By end of allotted time, rhythm is repeated with 90% accuracy.
  • PASS - Performance demonstrates awareness of basics and facility of dynamics.
  • PASS - Performance demonstrates ability to maintain consistent pulse.

Suggestions for continued work
Req 1 - Great transition from one to the next (arm - elbow - wrist). To improve on our concept of "oroshi," try keeping the "tame" while you are waiting at the bottom. This will allow more relaxed time and momentum to each strike.
Req 2 - Make your movements more clearer by extending your arms any chance you get. This will help make your sound clear too.

LATIdama received: 
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