Valentines Weekend Intensive 2014

What better way to spend the Valentine's weekend than two fun-filled days of taiko music and movement?!

Learn classic two-person taiko form, Hachijo Daiko, the "sugagaki" interlocking rhythm concept for amazingly high-speed drumming, and two-person bachi-sharing slant-drum silliness. 12 hours of instruction by LATI's Kris Bergstrom and Yuta Kato. Come alone or bring a taiko buddy!

$240 - registration closed
Contact us to RSVP and receive the Asano Taiko US reduced hotel rate.

Intensive Schedule
Saturday, Feb 15
- 10am-1pm Sugagaki
- 1pm-2pm lunch (pre-order available on day-of)
- 2pm-5pm Two-Person Slant Drum moves
- 6pm-7:30pm dinner at Mitsuwa
- 8pm-9pm taiko discussion and movie clips at ATUS

Sunday, Feb 16
- 9am-12noon Hachijo
- 12noon-1pm lunch (pre-order available on day-of)
- 1pm-4pm Review and Celebration

Saturday, February 15, 2014 - 10:00 to Sunday, February 16, 2014 - 16:00
Large Classroom
Kris Bergstrom
Yuta Kato