Beta Patterns: DokoKara (YK16)

Wednesdays, 6-7:45pm

First Class: Wed, June 28, 2017
Teacher(s): Yuta Kato, David Wells
Room: Small Classroom


Learn DokoKara, directly from the composer! This exciting piece was originally commissioned and performed by Zenshin Daiko of Maui, graciously given to the taiko community as a "copyleft" piece your group can now use in its repertoire. Making creative use of "don" and "ka", this piece uses rhythms in a challenging and dynamic arrangement. The course teaches the full lead-nagado part, with an introduction to the jiuchi (base-beat) parts.

Price and Purchase
$264 for whole all 12 weeks (purchase online or at Asano Taiko US)
$96 monthly installments every 4 weeks (purchase online or at Asano Taiko US)
Purchase Online - make sure to click on appropriate class title
NOTE: No classes for the week of May 5 ~ 11 due to UnitOne Concert

Outline of 12-Week Course

  1. Dokokara Oroshi and Ji
  2. 1 e a u Drill
  3. Individual Solo, Group Solo, Chaos
  4. Build Up
  5. Build Up in parts, Main Phrase
  6. Long Tag, Solo Outro
  7. No Class
  8. Review of all Components, Short Phrase
  9. Coaching Session 1
  10. Coaching Session 2
  11. Coaching Session 3
  12. Coaching Session 4
  13. PEAC Week