Small Drum Drills: Mute Prep

Mondays, 6-7:45pm

First Class: Mon, June 06, 2022
Teacher(s): Blaine O'Brien
Room: Small Classroom

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"Mute Prep" is a drills class for intermediate or advanced small drum players. This course will teach the stick control, tempo internalization, and split-part skills needed to learn the piece "Mute." Having excellent control of these drills is a requirement for starting the "Mute" course that will be offered in the third session this year.

Here are some skills you should already know on day one of the "Mute Prep" course:

-"Matched grip." Fulcrum between the thumb and pointer finger
- Emphasis on open-fingered and palm-down strokes
- Letting the bachi bounce

- Full strokes, prioritizing open finger, then wrist at 90 bpm
- Dynamic control when using open strokes
- Full stroke, down stroke, tap, and up stroke
- 16th notes at 130 bpm

- "Eight on a Hand" with dynamic control at 90 bpm
- 1e&a (or "Accents") Drill at 90 bpm

Here is a video summarizing some of these skills. Please be ready to play these at our first session.
Have fun practicing!

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Mon, June 06, 2022 01
Mon, June 13, 2022 02
Mon, June 20, 2022 03
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