Bon Daiko Workshop with Saburo Mochizuki


“The roots - Bon daiko”

Date: January 15, 2017, 1-3pm
Level: Intermediate ~ Advanced
Price: $60
Max Capacity: 16

A rare opportunity to learn from one of the original members of the legendary Sukeroku Taiko, who developed and popularized the slant style and Yodan-Uchi. In this workshop, participants will get a taste of origins of the now popular slant style, how Saburo Mochizuki developed his Bon-daiko style (festival drumming), and a possible lead up to the basics of Yodan-Uchi.
Note: Mochizuki rarely teaches kumidaiko now!
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Sunday, January 15, 2017 - 13:00 to 15:00
Large Classroom
One of the four founding members of the legendary Sukeroku Taiko (formed 1959), Saburo Mochizuki has been performing professionally from a young age. In 1968, Sukeroku Taiko performed in the US, laying the groundwork for the widespread popularity of the slant style and Yodan-Uchi across North America. While pursuing his taiko career, Mochizuki took interest in the study of Kabuki-bayashi (musical accompaniment for Kabuki theater) and in 1972, he received the stage name Saburo Mochizuki. Currently he serves as a leading performer for this style of music and performs regularly at the acclaimed Kabuki-za and Kokuritsu-gekijo (National Performing Art Theater) in Japan. He is an associate professor of Tokyo University of Arts and is also active in creating and performing Kabuki-bayashi, Matsuri-bayashi, Shin-gaku and Wadaiko based fusion music.