How to Wear a Yukata Workshop

Learn the names and uses of the various parts of the yukata and how to put on the yukata yourself.
Taught by highly-trained classical dancer, Nakamura Narumi!

Things necessary for the class;
Ladies; Yukata, Obi, 3 straps for Kimono, White Tabi, Hada Juban, Susoyoke/Koshimaki (special
undergarment for kimono)
Men: Yukata, Obi, 2 straps for Kimono, White Tabi, Hada Juban, Suteteko

Fee: $15

Wednesday, August 22, 2018 - 18:15 to 19:00
East Practice Room
Nakamura Narumi (Hiromi Ashmore)
Dance teacher Narumi began dancing at age four and received her teaching credential in Japan at age 18. She is a respected member of the Nakamura school of Japanese classical dance whose Grandmaster was Kabuki actor and a National Living Treasure of Japan, the late Nakamura Shikan the 7 th . Narumi introduces Japanese traditional culture through performances at community and private events and teaches dance at the local school’s cultural festival and at a preschool. She also plays Japanese Kabuki percussion instruments and is a vocalist in “nagauta,” (Japanese classical music).

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