ManMan - Quitiplas in the Pocket - Naname creativity with Polymeter

“Quitiplas in the Pocket” is a solo improvisation piece on the Naname (slant style) drums created by ManMan. It has interlocking polymeter base-beats, adapted from the Venezuelan Quitiplas music. Participants will be learning the polymeter base beat with body percussion, which provides a new listening and playing experience. ManMan’s approach creates new pathways that deviate from the classical music approach, as the body percussion exercise help participants to internalize the music and playing with a groove.

Video from the rehearsal of recital 2019

Objectives: This workshop is an introduction to various drills and exercises that enhances drummers’ listening skills, bachi control and dexterity to intergrate the funky polymeter base-beats. A naname movement drill will also be introduced to strengthen soloing vocabulary and help students feel comfortable playing with the polymeter base beat.

Target Taiko Skills and Achievement:
-Create an inclusive platform for practicing challenging rhythms and skills as a group
-Strengthen participants listening skills through playing multiple musical parts with their body (i.e. body percussion)
-Soloing with polymeter base-beats
-Playing together as a group and in a groove

Videos from past workshops:

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$35 per workshop*

*each workshop are related to one another, but will have different focus in each one. Participants can choose what works for their schedule, you may take all of them, or some of them

Sunday, March 8, 2020 - 15:00 to 17:45
Large Classroom
Yeeman Mui
An experienced performing artist and acclaimed teacher, with a passion for bringing communities together through the joy of music and taiko, Yeeman Mui (ManMan) founded Taiko Together, a parent-child taiko program starting from age 2, and Taiko FUNdamentals, a professional development program for teachers. After graduating with an MPhil in Musicology (University of Hong Kong), she later obtained her certification in Orff Schulwerk. Originally from Hong Kong, she received a fellowship from Taiko Center of the Pacific (2012-2014) and became a performing member (2013-2017), receiving extensive training from Kenny and Chizuko Endo. She currently teaches at Los Angeles Taiko Institute.

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