Mochi Mochi role responsibilites


Contact Person
Equipment Maintenance
Financial Manager
Social Chair
Sous Chef
Special Projects


Contact Person
Current member(s): Kris, Sharon

  • provide contact for gig requests (""?, GV phone num?)
  • 48 hours to respond to gig requests?
  • prepare gig details for MM members (date, place, time)
  • prepare and maintain agreements
  • gig outreach


  • test email addresses
  • create gig request procedure list
  • set up Google voice phone number?
  • save agreement to edit-able form (google docs or other)
  • revise agreement

Current member(s): Diana, Kaitlyn


Equipment Maintenance
Current member(s): Andrew, Toshi

  • sand kine, bogine, and other wood equipment as splinters, nicks, or wear and tear appear
  • oil and repair usu as necessary (incl. "butterfly" inlays)
  • implement equipment improvements and new ideas to suit the needs of mochi mochi members and to make the equipment better / more durable
  • work with Toshi to make replacement equipment as necessary
  • maintain supply of propane
  • understand setup, safe use, and breakdown of burner equipment


Financial Manager
Current member(s): Diane, Dina

  • collect dues from each member at the beginning of each month, including reminders as needed
  • record payment from gigs and other income
  • collect receipts for purchases for the group and disperse reimbursements in timely fashion
  • prepare finance report for the group at quarterly meeting


Sous Chef
Current member(s): Hiroka

  • Inventory check
  • - sweet rice
    - potato starch
    - soy sauce
    - nori
    - kinako
    - sugar

  • Supplies check
  • - electric hot-water pot
    - shamoji/kaeshi oke/bamboo ladle
    - mochi dai
    - mochi cutter
    - cups
    - spoons/forks/chopsticks
    - containers
    - ziplocks
    - table covering (plastic sheet)
    - blue bucket
    - orange water tank(?)
    - stainless-steel square water container

  • facilitate improvement of mochi presentation and serving procedure
  • use non-public mochitsuki as opportunities to try new recipes
  • contribute to the gastronomic development of the group
  • To-do

    Social Chair
    Current member(s): Christine

    • Facilitate recognizing and celebrating members’ birthdays
    • Maintain members' contact list
    • Observe individual members' mood and intervene to help group address problems and frustrations
    • "Fun Czar": observe members' enjoyment of practices and performances and advise on maximizing fun
    • Update social media page(s)


    • MM FAQ / MM new members welcome packet with "past issues" file

    Current member(s): Carol, Jennifer

    • note: members who miss class are responsible for contacting the TA
    • take notes of each class
    • reference any recordings taken by Documentation member(s)
    • be available by phone or email to discuss what was missed
    • optionally provide "office hours" before or after class to help others (or to delegate others to help)
    • optionally organize extra practices and "makeup" sessions as needed