Beta Patterns: DokoKara

LATIdama Overview

Beta Patterns: DokoKara LATIdama

Earning the Beta Patterns: DokoKara LATIdama indicates proficiency in all the patterns of DokoKara in every position (A, B, C, D), along with the ability to play an improvisational solo based on ka’s.
Specifically, players should be able to:

  • demonstrate familiarity with the structure of the piece
  • execute all the patterns with 90% accuracy
  • be able to confidently improvise and get in/out of a solo
  • play relatively on-time with the rest of the players

Requirements (all on 110BPM):

  1. Oroshi
  2. Ji
  3. Individual Solo Section
  4. Build Section
  5. Solo Outro Section
  6. Structure

DokoKara LATIdama holders are rehearsal ready for any position when called upon to prepare for a performance.
Good luck and have fun!

For general information on the LATIdama system, see LATIdama.

  1. Oroshi - play all parts by knowing when to come in and stop while speeding up with the rest of the group
  2. Ji - play the DokoKara Ji with the correct dynamics and consistent timing
  3. Individual Solo Section - ability to count and be aware of other soloists while maintaining ji, while successfully executing your assigned solo
  4. Build Section - play all parts with 90% accuracy
  5. Solo Outro Section - ability to play outro in every position with 90% accuracy
  6. Structure - familiarity with the whole structure of the piece