Rock Solids - 110

LATIdama Overview

Rock Solids LATIdama

Earning a Rock Solids LATIdama indicates performance-ready proficiency of the jiuchi (base-beat) in a specific Matsuri Crashers structure. A LATIdama can be earned for each of the Matsuri Crashers structures. For a given structure, a Rock Solid should be able to:

  • perform the jiuchi musically
  • know all parts of the structure, including kakeai, soloist cues, and shobu
  • be able to quickly react to soloist needs

Good luck and have fun!

For general information on the LATIdama system, see LATIdama.


110 Structure

Req 1 - Run-through

While being video recorded, student plays all parts of the entire structure (nagado, okedo, simplified shime, and sung kane parts) with facilitator soloing.

Req 1 Rubric

  • no significant structural mistakes
  • rhythms played comfortably, confidently
  • rhythms played musically; groove is solid
  • 16th notes are accurate
  • tones of individual hits are consistent
  • volume adjusted to match soloist
  • able to "hold it together" by maintaining and emphasizing groove when soloist is lost, soloist is uncertain

Req 2 - Rhythm, counting, and helping the soloist

While being video recorded, student plays the following.
-- whole, 16 em structure, all parts combined while counting the "1, 2, 3, 4" pulse (final 4em: no need to sing kane part)
-- sing "ichi, ni, so-re" on 16th bar

Req 2 Rubric

  • able to count "1,2,3,4" confidently and in time while playing all parts combined
  • able to sing "ichi, ni, so-re" in proper location

Req 3 - Catching the tempo

While being video recorded, student sings soloist kakeai and plays first 2 ems worth of jiuchi. Facilitator repeats four times at different tempi.

Req 3 Rubric

  • able to accurately assess tempo from soloist first rhythm (M1)
  • able to drop "uh" of 1 but accurately play "and uh" of 2.