Rock Solids - 405

LATIdama Overview

Rock Solids LATIdama

Earning a Rock Solids LATIdama indicates performance-ready proficiency of the jiuchi (base-beat) in a specific Matsuri Crashers structure. A LATIdama can be earned for each of the Matsuri Crashers structures. For a given structure, a Rock Solid should be able to:

  • perform the jiuchi musically
  • know all parts of the structure, including kakeai, soloist cues, and shobu
  • be able to quickly react to soloist needs

Good luck and have fun!

For general information on the LATIdama system, see LATIdama.


405 Structure

While being video recorded, student plays entire structure with facilitator soloing. Student gives "ichi, ni, so-re" in final bar of first soloist section.

Req 1 - Run-through, technique, and helping the soloist

  • jiuchi played comfortably, confidently
  • jiuchi played musically
  • no significant structural mistakes
  • volume adjusted to match soloist
  • able to confidently play M1 interactive versions M1a and M1b
  • able to play ten tsuku at 160bpm or faster
  • able to switch smoothly to eighth-note "teke" at faster speeds
  • able to "hold it together" by maintaining and emphasizing groove when soloist is lost, soloist is uncertain
  • able to "jump ship" and switch to soloist downbeat

Req 2 - Tempo changes

While being video recorded, facilitator guides student through four increasing speed changes and four decreasing speed changes.

Req 2 Rubric

  • able to catch and play with soloist increased tempo changes
  • able to catch and play with soloist decreased tempo changes