2022 Session 1 Courses and LATI DONference Announced!

LATI Session 1 Courses
8-week Courses - March 28 ~ May 22, 2022

Please check out our Courses page - www.solatidon.com/courses
Choose what "flow" you would like, and click onward to purchase the appropriate In-Person or Online Course to officially enroll!
There is a max capacity for each Course, so make sure to enroll ASAP!

2022 LATI DONference
November 28 ~ December 4, 2022
Due to a wonderful time in December last year, we have decided to host another DONference for 2022! Workshops, joint Rehearsals, Recital, Concert, and Hangouts are now open to everyone including those who want to learn remotely from LATI instructors. No need to register yet, but for more details, please visit our LATI DONference home page at www.solatidon.com