Groups@US! Starting January 6, 2015

Announcing "Groups @US" in collaboration with LATI instructors!
(get it? atUS? ATUS? Asano Taiko US?)

Start organizing your dream group today!

Beginning January 2015, ATUS will feature student-organized groups of all types! Like-minded taiko friends design their ideal taiko group and meet once a week with access to the full range of Asano instruments. LATI staff provide as little or as much support as needed, to make every group a success.

From weekly jam sessions to heart-pounding drill sessions, Groups @US can take any shape. Some Groups @US are setting long-term goals to learn challenging new repertoire and others will focus on in-depth study of a particular taiko style. Others will simply get together for some fun drum time followed by dinner together. Imagine the possibilities and start designing your dream group!

How to start your dream Group @US
step 1) decide the essential two details
step 2) contact LATI to discuss the details
step 3) announce the group at Dec 20 Bounenkai!

Notes from All LATI Meeting held November 9
To commemorate the start of this new concept, students, instructors, coaches, and staff came together for an All LATI meeting.
Below is an outline of the meeting along with some specific notes.

Groups@ US are:
Student run taiko groups at ATUS supported by LATI staff, to begin January 6!
for the reasons of students being able to:
1. Learn things we don’t teach
2. Have longer term/on-going group opportunity
3. Find the perfect taiko fit

Suggested types of Groups @US
Hachijo/Miyake/Shishi Aikoukais (Interest Clubs)
Community Performance Groups - Local events, friends’ Celebrations
Project Based: Perform Jack Bazaar at 50th Wedding Anniversary
Basics/Fundamentals FUN Time/Taiko Aerobics
Semi-Professional - gigs (end up on ATUS Performance Roster?)
Design your own 48-week Course (coupled with a group run practice would be awesome)

Current examples of Groups @US and an explanation of the 3 vital topics (Concept/Day-Time/Membership):
Hachijo Aikoukai - Yuta
Miyake Club - Jason
LA Shishi Club - David
Taiko Effect - Airi

Dummy Talk through of starting a group by Kris and Yuta

Vital Info:
Concept (including mid~long-term Goal)
Days and Times of the week
Membership: How many and Invitation or Open
PEAC week is great to see prospects for new members.

Timeline until January 6
Establishment of Groups Ideas by: Bounenkai
there will be announcements and opportunity to call for members on a bulletin
Groups by Invitation: We can help connect with prospects
Start week of January 6 onward.

Break and Mingle Time

Q and A Time:
Students to us
Us to Students
Trailer Flyering

LATI Clap based wrap-up (or Tejime)