Yukai Daiko at ATUS/LATI

In the weeks leading up to our annual Spring concert, Yukai Daiko of UCLA reached out to Asano Taiko US and LATI for guidance regarding our concert preparations. Yuta kindly offered to conduct three workshops with us. The first workshop was conducted on April 19th at UCLA and served as a diagnostic. Yuta gave us advice on song arrangements, drum setups, and stage presence.

Two weeks ago, we made the first of two visits to the awesome Asano Taiko US facility! We spent the day working on drills and exercises with Yuta to improve on our concert pieces. Some of the most valuable exercises included strengthening our internal timing with rhythm drills, and learning how to incorporate our bodies into the movement of each strike. We spent the next two weeks making improvements to our performance, and returned today for a full run of the concert! Things are looking pretty good for the concert and we’re hoping to put on a good show next Sunday, May 11th!

We would like to thank Asano Taiko US and LATI once again for generously hosting us, and we hope to visit the facility again soon! We hope that this marks the beginning of a close relationship between ATUS/LATI and Yukai in the future!