Try Taiko! Free, daily taiko lessons Sept 18-24!

Next week begins LATI Primer Week, free taiko lessons every day on beautiful taiko instruments, playing exciting taiko music!

This is the perfect way to try taiko for the first time. Students will learn how to hold the sticks, strike the drum, and play compelling taiko rhythms. Bring your earplugs and comfortable clothing. We have bachi (drumsticks) to lend.

Try Taiko lessons

Wed, Sep 18, 8 -- 9pm
Thu, Sep 19, 6 -- 7pm
Fri, Sep 20, 6 -- 7pm
Sat, Sep 21, 1 -- 2pm
Sun, Sep 22, 1 -- 2pm
Mon, Sep 23, 6 -- 7pm
Tue, Sep 24, 8 -- 9pm

RSVP to reserve your spot by contacting us by phone or email. We look forward to drumming with you!