@ATUS Group: Matsuri Crashers G10 Mondays

fourth Mondays, 7:00pm -- 8:30pm

First Class: Mon, November 23, 2015
Teacher(s): Kris Bergstrom

Practices for members of the Matsuri Crashers.

G10 term goals: tighten O-Ji groove, develop interactive duets

Seeking 8+ new members. Intermediate/advanced players needed.

Monthly dues:

weekly - $72/month for 3 Sundays and 1 Monday
only Sundays - $54/month for 3 Sundays
only Mondays - $18/month for 1 Monday
occasional - $0 ~ $20 depending on event

Matsuri Crashers is dedicated to the development of slant-drum soloing and the inspiring base-beat rhythms that support the soloist. Practices divide time between in-depth drilling of movement and form for slant-soloists and small-drum technique and timing for jiuchi players. The group is currently developing "duet" options for the Battle Structures, including a new "O-Ji" base-beat inspired by electronic music.

About the Battles
The Matsuri Crashers battles draw inspiration from the world of hip-hop dance, which has used light-hearted competition to inspire deep practice and amazing creativity. Hip hop dance is now one of the world's great art forms. Slant-drum solo performance sets a high bar for taiko artistry. The soloist carries the responsibilities of musical development and phrasing; a single drum *is* the performance. Compare this to the task of performing ensemble taiko music, with many players, often playing the same rhythm. For the slant-soloist, every hit counts. The stakes are even higher for the Rock Solids jiuchi players, whose responsibility is to support the soloist at all costs. When a soloist comes to the battle having practiced for months to debut their new move, the base-beat cannot falter, even with the heightened pressure and inevitable surprises of live performance. Matsuri Crashers grab hold of these great challenges to grow as artists and develop taiko as an artform.

The Matsuri Crashers Battle setting places soloists (or pairs of soloists) in head-to-head competition and a jiuchi (base-beat) crew called the Rock Solids plays the supporting rhythms.
Practices involve beta and naname nagado forms, plus small-drum technique, ensemble togetherness, and timing. Musical challenges range from moderate to advanced, tailored to individual and ensemble needs. Members learn all aspects of rice-pounding, from rice prep to pounding to presentation and clean-up.

Contact Kris to join!

Classes in this Course

Date Title
Mon, November 23, 2015 38 - Mon jam
Mon, December 21, 2015 42 - Bonenkai jam
Mon, January 25, 2016 46 - Mon jam