: Mute

Mondays, 6-7:45pm

First Class: Mon, September 05, 2022
Teacher(s): Blaine O'Brien
Room: Small Classroom

This course will teach the stick control, tempo internalization, and split-part skills needed to learn the piece "Mute."
Our goal is to learn the piece and perform it in the recital in December

Students who took the Mute Prep course should already know some of the drills found in our online google drive folder. But new students just joining us are welcome to start learning the piece and catch up on these drills as we go. The folder can be found at the following link.


For this song, I would recommend longer maple tapered shime bachi, which Asano should have in stock.

Classes in this Course

Date Title
Mon, September 05, 2022 01
Mon, September 12, 2022 02
Mon, September 19, 2022 03
Mon, September 26, 2022 04