Naname Patterns: Jack Bazaar 2016 Sun (KB13)

Sundays, 3pm -- 4:45pm

First Class: Sun, August 14, 2016
Teacher(s): Kris Bergstrom, Jen Baik
Room: Large Classroom

Jack Bazaar with revised Duet beginning

Learn Jack Bazaar!

Jack Bazaar features dynamic choreography and challenging slant-drum mutli-tone rhythms. Specifically requested by the National Theater of Japan for performance in the 2013 Nihon no Taiko concert, Jack Bazaar is one of the taiko world's most exciting compositions.

This is class three in a four-part series. Players with slant-drum experience but new to Jack Bazaar are welcome to join. The "iterative" learning process will facilitate students' differing positions in the learning process. This course presents "Runaway" and "Hedgetrimmer" for the first time, so new class members will be at the same learning spot as existing students. The course will also practice existing material, in which case new class members will focus on the sticking and basic timing while others tackle more advanced challenges.

About Jack Bazaar 2016
The Jack Bazaar 2016 course teaches Jack Bazaar from the ground up over the course of a year. Participants learn the complex rhythms and movements in an "iterative" series of exercises; starting with straight-forward sticking and rhythm, followed by movement, and finally performative "flow", then returning to sticking and rhythm with an emphasis on timing, for example. In this way, a complex movement like Slowplosion is presented multiple times and students learn both the pattern itself as well as the fundamentals that make Slowplosion really shine. This process allows players new to Jack Bazaar to focus on mastering sticking, while a player who already knows the sticking is challenged by advanced drills and concepts.

Make no mistake... Jack Bazaar is challenging, but this in-depth course provides students the time and feedback necessary to fully tackle it!

Naname experience required.

$264 12 weeks (purchase online or at Asano Taiko US)
$96 4-week instalments (purchase online or at Asano Taiko US)
Purchase Online - make sure to select the appropriate class title

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Sun, August 14, 2016 01
Sun, August 21, 2016 02
Sun, August 28, 2016 03
Sun, September 04, 2016 04
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Sun, October 02, 2016 08 Coach
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Sun, October 16, 2016 no class - CicLAvia!
Sun, October 23, 2016 11 Coach
Sun, October 30, 2016 12 PEAC