Small Drum Patterns: Radiddlepa Adventure (T1902a)

Sundays, 3pm -- 4:45pm

First Class: Sun, March 24, 2019
Teacher(s): Kris Bergstrom, Jen Baik

Radiddlepa at Grand Annex 2018

There are two reasons I've never taught Radiddlepa. 1) It's really hard. Writing and practicing Radiddlepa required some of the biggest leaps of my career. 2) It requires a kind of practice that's difficult to facilitate in a class setting. How can individuals hear the details of the subtle techniques when others are drumming too?

After speaking with teachers, composers, and performers I respect, I've come to believe that 1), it's worth teaching *because* it's hard and 2), a new course structure can help.

This is "Radiddlepa Adventure!"

Radiddlepa Lectures
I'll present one lecture each month, March, April, and May on Radiddlepa patterns, shime technique, and composition. These lectures are meant to inspire, packed with juicy tips on extended technique and groove, and provide insight into the piece itself. They'll also provide my take on taiko philosophy, alongside in-class drumming challenges. Participants can simply attend these lectures and tackle as little or as much Radiddlepa as they choose.

Radiddlepa Private Lessons and "Choose Your Own Adventure" Homework
Players motivated to more seriously tackle the techniques and rhythms of Raddiddlepa can register for homework assignments supported by a series of private lessons. The video assignments are styled on the "Choose your own adventure" books, allowing students to work at their own pace and find just the drills they need. An example video might say,

Homework challenge: Play along with paradiddle quarter notes at 60bpm.
Easy? Click this video.
More practice? Click this video.

Each subsequent video option will be tailored to either additional challenge or more support on the current challenge. This set of drills and videos, buttressed by private lessons for individual feedback, give students the best opportunity yet to learn Radiddlepa.

In-town participants

  • 3 Lecture set: $72
  • Lecture drop-in: $26
  • Lectures plus two hours of private lessons: $192

Remote participants

  • 3 Lecture set: self-determined donation*
  • Two hours of "skype" private lessons: $120

* The lecture videos will not be password protected meaning anyone can access them for free. (Go free culture!) However, I need to raise a certain amount of income to create the Lectures and Drills, so I'm asking that long-distance students pledge a donation amount that feels fair and reasonable. Currently pledged donations range from $5~$45 per lecture.

Register / Questions - Contact Kris

Classes in this Course

Date Title
Sun, March 24, 2019 Lecture 1
Sun, April 14, 2019 Lecture 2
Sun, May 05, 2019 Lecture 3