Small Drum Patterns: Watashi Watashitachi

Wednesdays, 8pm -- 9:30pm

First Class: Wed, November 06, 2013
Room: Small Classroom
Prerequisites: Small Drum Essentials

Watashi Watashitachi, Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts 2007

Watashi Watashitachi is one of the taiko world's great pieces. Written by Shoji Kameda in 2004 and revised by On Ensemble over years of professional touring, the piece has been performed around the world, including the National Theater of Japan in 2013. Watashi Watashitachi utilizes a variety of advanced playing techniques to utilize a wide range of taiko tones. With fast, interlocking parts and solo sections for each of the players, the piece is an exciting showcase of taiko's smaller drums. Recently released as a copyleft work by the composer, Watashi Watashitachi is now part of LATI's repertoire.

Taught to the public for the first time in this course, Small Drum Patterns: Watashi Watashitachi teaches the structure and essential rhythms of Watashi Watashitachi, with an emphasis on playing technique and timing. In-class individual feedback is supplemented with weekly homework assignments designed to be clear, concise, fun, and easy to complete at home. The Small-Drum Essentials LATIdama is a prerequisite for the course. Start learning this amazing piece and the techniques that will empower all of your small-drum taiko!

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