ECTC attendees Practice Pledge

80 hours!

In celebration of the upcoming 2015 East Coast Taiko Conference, a group of us is making a practice pledge. Between now and Feb 13, 2015, amongst the five of us, we will practice 80 hours.

Each of us has picked a topic and created a goal and a plan using LATI's practice "Target" form. We'll be tracking our progress with LATI's "Practice Logs" and measuring only the time we're actually on the drum, doing concentrated practice.

If you'd like to join the pledge, let me know!

Here we go!

Abby Kingman -- Lion Chant -- 10 hours
Akito Nikol -- Katsugi okedo -- 10 hours
Catherine Olsson -- composition -- 2 hours
Daniela Seong -- Omiyage naname solo -- 16 hours
Erin Kelly -- bon taiko solo -- 3 hours
Karen -- learning Omiyage -- 10 hours
Kris Bergstrom -- 405 Battle solo -- 14 hours
Tyler Angulo -- multi-drum solo -- 15 hours

TOTAL 80 hours