Odaiko Form: Odaiko Basics and Intro to Soloing (R11)

Wednesdays, 8-9:45pm

First Class: Wed, April 06, 2016
Teacher(s): Yuta Kato, David Wells
Room: Large Classroom

NOTE: Course Topic has changed due to high demand of O-daiko

With efficiency and sustainability at its core, LATI fundamental classes explore the limitless potential of the relationship between body, bachi, and taiko.

Due to it's massive head-size, the odaiko resonates deeper than any other taiko; to make the odaiko ring, one needs to have great control over their bachi and body. The beauty of the odaiko doesn't stop just at being "big" though, the surface area also allows for a dynamic range of tones.

In this class students will learn the essential basics of approaching the Odaiko, rhythm exercises, and an introduction to Odaiko Soloing.

Important NOTE: LATI will be closed for the week of May 31-June 6 due to involvement in Maui's Taiko Festival with Zenshin Daiko.

Outline of 12-Week Course

  1. Stance, Strike, 4-8-16-32
  2. Small Strikes and Ji, Large Strikes (Blah Blah Drill)
  3. Large Strikes (Walking)
  4. Large Strikes (Lying Down)
  5. Soloing, Ji's and playing together
  6. Soloing, Ji's and playing together
  7. Thoughts about Odaiko
  8. Coaching Session 1
  9. Coaching Session 2
  10. Coaching Session 3
  11. Coaching Session 4
  12. PEAC Week

Classes in this Course

Date Title
Wed, April 06, 2016 01
Wed, April 13, 2016 02
Wed, April 20, 2016 03
Wed, April 27, 2016 04
Wed, May 04, 2016 05
Wed, May 11, 2016 06
Wed, May 18, 2016 07
Wed, May 25, 2016 08 Coach
Wed, June 01, 2016 No Class
Wed, June 08, 2016 09 Coach
Wed, June 15, 2016 10 Coach
Wed, June 22, 2016 11 Coach
Wed, June 29, 2016 12 PEAC