General Info

LATI offers a variety of ways to learn taiko to match the needs and schedules of all students.

All LATI courses are open to players ages 8 and older unless otherwise specified.
All LATI courses are open to players of all experience levels, except when a LATIdama prerequisite is specified.
Students may enroll in one or more courses at a time.
Students may retake courses if desired.
Students may take courses in any order. There is no fixed progression through the course list.
Unsure what to take? Contact us for advice.

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Course topics

LATI courses employ the latest concepts in effective, engaging taiko pedagogy. Courses are organized by "style" and "foci". Example "styles":

  • Beta (upright form)
  • Hachijo (side)
  • Naname (slant form)
  • Odaiko (large drum)
  • Small Drum (tsukeshime, okedo, etc)
  • Photos of taiko styles

Example "foci":

  • Creativity
  • Drills
  • Form
  • Musicality
  • Patterns


Courses - New LATI 12-week courses begin every 4-8 weeks. Students can choose the courses that most interest them; there is no set order to courses. Students can take one or more courses at a time and can repeat courses if desired.

Most LATI courses are open to players of all experience levels, ages 8 and up. Certain courses require one or more LATIdama qualifications, LATI's fun and rewarding system of skill evaluation (see below).

Organization of curriculum

Most LATI courses are organized in LATI's original "741" system; 7 weeks of instruction, followed by 4 weeks of coaching, and a final "PEAC Week" (Performance Evaluation and Celebration). During the 7-week instruction period, students learn the key patterns and concepts for the course, at an expeditious pace designed to be challenging. The following 4-week coaching period provides extensive drill and practice time, giving students the opportunity to work at their own pace to internalize and master the skills presented. The final PEAC Week provides evaluation and reflection, and for certain courses, an opportunity to earn a LATIdama bead.

More about the LATIdama system here.