Naname Patterns: Jack Bazaar Duet Intro Part 1

Sundays, 10-11:45

First Class: Sun, November 02, 2014
Teacher(s): Kris Bergstrom, Jen Baik
Room: Large Classroom
Prerequisites: Naname Essentials

Jack Bazaar Duet Intro practice - Yuta Kris 140214

When first working on "ITC", "Three's Company", and "Tar Pits", I remained skeptical of the artistic value of all the bachi sharing, tossing, and silliness. However, in the intervening years of practice, through hours of practice with various partners, I have come to deeply value the Duet Intro. I now feel that it has a place artistically, providing a unique, light-hearted mood and contrast to the serious, driving Karc / Joan of Arc and the high-energy Jack Bazaar choreography. And from an interpersonal perspective, the creation and practice of the Duet Intro has been one of the purest ways of enjoying togetherness in taiko that I've experienced.

This course will teach key two-person, bachi-sharing moves of the Duet Intro, and show the path to personalization of the choreography (covered in more detail in future course, Part 2). Join with a friend or have a partner assigned in class. With teaching assistance from Yuta Kato and coaching support from Jen Baik, the course will be fast-paced and fun!

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