Small Drum Drills: 90 Days to Better Shime (G03)

Wednesdays, 6pm-7:45pm

First Class: Wed, February 12, 2014
Room: Small Classroom

90 Days to Better Shime guides students through the extremely popular (but very challenging) 30 Days to Better Shime practice guide. Utilized by over 600 taiko players in 14 countries, the program is an ambitious series of sticking and timing challenges designed to make measurable improvements in small drum technique, tone, and control. This 90 Days to Better Shime course dedicates three months to the program, starting with basic strike and technical instruction and providing in-depth instructor feedback along the way. Quick and effective at-home practice assignments are provided weekly.


I finished 30 days a week ago. My hands came a good ways and I am really happy about that. Especially for my left hand. I haven’t played with a match grip in so long all I can play is using traditional. The bachi felt like a stranger in my left hand. But, 30 days started making the bachi feel more comfortable... So, definitely I showed real progress each day but what I have found to be most beneficial is that it kind of reenergized me. It pointed out so many areas where I have regressed since my drumline days and it has just inspired me to practice more. You did an excellent job of mixing so many different aspects of small drum in I was never bored. I’m a big fan of ice skater, I’ve played versions of it before. It is really fun with flams. Anyway, thanks for all the hard work and help along the way. You really have winner with this program and I am so thankful to have been able to experience it. -- Colin

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