LATI Introduction

The Los Angeles Taiko Institute (LATI) is a dedicated taiko (Japanese drumming) school in Torrance, CA offering 12-week courses, drop-in classes, multi-day intensives, and one-time workshops on a variety of taiko topics.

The "Learn-Taiko!" link above provides the full list of classes at the Institute!

LATI is housed at Asano Taiko U.S. a full-service taiko maker offering exquisite Japanese drums and accessories, as well as on-site taiko repair and reskinning.

Los Angeles Taiko Institute/Asano Taiko U.S. location:
20909 S. Western Ave.
Torrance, CA 90501

Omiyage Class Student Perspective - PEAC Week and Beyond

During Yuta’s set of courses offered in the Winter, I was able to take the Omiyage Chu Part class. Throughout the 12 week course, I learned how to play the piece’s chu section from beginning to end. I encourage any intermediate to advanced taiko player to take the class, for it really improved my taiko playing in many ways.

1. Playing with a Purpose

SALE! Asano Taiko US 1-Year Anniversary

Asano Taiko US is celebrating its 1-year anniversary in July!

Thank you for your all the support you’ve shown Asano Taiko US. We are honored to have 80 students each week and now a staff performing ensemble. The Torrance taiko community is coming together! Asano Taiko US is proud to be a part of the north-American taiko scene and we will work hard to be a useful resource for even more of you.

New Classes Starting June 19!


Starting the week of June 19, LATI will be holding a new set of 12-Week Courses focusing on FUNDAMENTALS.
As Asano Taiko US works towards the formation of facility-sponsored Community Taiko Groups in 2015, take this opportunity to prepare yourself for upcoming song-learning courses.

2015 ATUSCoT Fellowship Applications available - Due May 28

Asano Taiko US is hosting the Asano Taiko US Collegiate Taiko Fellowship again in 2015! Los Angeles Taiko Institute will be supporting the program. Applications are due May 28.

The fellowship is an exciting opportunity for a southern California collegiate taiko group to utilize world-class instruments, rehearsal space, and professional teaching staff to achieve its 2015 goals. We look forward to working with the 2015 ATUSCoT Fellowship group!

Yukai Daiko at ATUS/LATI

In the weeks leading up to our annual Spring concert, Yukai Daiko of UCLA reached out to Asano Taiko US and LATI for guidance regarding our concert preparations. Yuta kindly offered to conduct three workshops with us. The first workshop was conducted on April 19th at UCLA and served as a diagnostic. Yuta gave us advice on song arrangements, drum setups, and stage presence.