LATI Introduction

The Los Angeles Taiko Institute (LATI) is a dedicated taiko (Japanese drumming) school in Torrance, CA offering 12-week courses, drop-in classes, multi-day intensives, and one-time workshops on a variety of taiko topics.

The "Learn-Taiko!" link above provides the full list of classes at the Institute!

LATI is housed at Asano Taiko U.S. a full-service taiko maker offering exquisite Japanese drums and accessories, as well as on-site taiko repair and reskinning.

Los Angeles Taiko Institute/Asano Taiko U.S. location:
20909 S. Western Ave.
Torrance, CA 90501

2014 New Year's Taiko Resolution - Jason Osajima

My 2014 Taiko Goals are-

1) Compose two new songs (so I don’t end up becoming a one-hit wonder). Once I am done with both, I want to film them and release them to the taiko community as open source. The first song is on the way, entitled “Villians.”

2) Find ways to incorporate fitness/strength training into my taiko practice regiment.

3) Update my taiko fashion from soccer shorts and under armour tights to something more swagtastic. That look was so 2008...

2014 New Year's Taiko Resolution - David Wells

My goals this year are to continue to explore melodic composition and to find more and more ways to inspire people to have fun in practice while also developing and strengthening taiko and musical fundamentals (since I know it's hard for everyone to be as jazzed about basic technique as I am ^^v).

Here's a quick sample of me and my friends Maz, Doug, and Jenny practicing a piece I'm developing -- with inspiration from my friend Emily! -- for double (diatonic) marimba and shinobue.

Homemade drums by LATI students

Check out our students creative solutions for practicing at home! The first image is Andres' fan drum, built from a white-duct-tape-wrapped iron ring mounted to a fan stand. Recycled adjustability! The second image is of Brian's tire and bucket drums. Note the use of dowels at the top and bottom of the tire drum for proper rim tones. Delightful!

Here's to more great practice in 2014!

Videos posted: Two-person slant-drum moves !

Today was my last "Two Person Slant-Drum Moves" class of my current instruction period. In seven short weeks, Christine, Doreen, and Janelle learned four extremely challenging two-person slant-drum moves, "ITC", "Threes Compnay", "Tar Pits", and "Sugagagi". They'll now have four weeks with a coach to drill and practice the moves before I return and we put it all together in week 12.

I've posted videos of me and Yuta demonstrating the moves. Enjoy!

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List of New Classes!


12週間コース、または10回の回数券 ($200)の教室にお友達とご一緒にお申し込みしていただきますと、お友達と共に10ドルの割引を致します。