Masaharu Miyano


Masa began his taiko career with UC Irvine's Jodaiko and after graduating became a member of the performing ensemble, Prota. He is a member of Unit One, the ensemble in residence at Asano Taiko US, and an organizing member of Hachijo Aikoukai.

マサの太鼓歴はカリフォルニア大学アーバイン校『Jodaiko』に端を発し、卒業後はパフォーミンググループ『Prota』の一員となる。 現在は浅野太鼓USの結成グループ『Unit One』に所属し、八丈愛好会の設立メンバーである。

Currently Teaching

Tuesdays - 5:00 PM : Intermediate Youth
Tuesdays - 6:15 PM : Advanced Youth
Saturdays - 10:00 AM Beta : Fundamentals
Saturdays - 12:00 PM Hachijo : Drills!
Saturdays - 2:00 PM Patterns: Community Team Prep II

Current Courses

Taught Previously

: Beginning Youth (Wed)
: Beginning Youth (Fri)
Misc : ArigaTaiko
: Odaiko and Shime II
Misc : Groove!
Misc : ArigaTaiko
Hachijo : Fundamentals
: Odaiko and Shime: Fundamentals
Misc : Groove! (Sat)
Misc : Groove! (Wed)
: Advanced Youth
: Intermediate Youth
: Beginning Youth (Fri)
: Beginning Youth (Wed)
Patterns: Community Team Prep I
: Summer Reprise
Hachijo : Solo Development
Misc : ArigaTaiko
: Advanced Youth
: Intermediate Youth
Misc : ArigaTaiko
Hachijo : Fundamentals
Hachijo : Fundamentals
Drills: by UnitOne
: Intermediate Youth
: Advanced Youth
Drills: by UnitOne
@ATUS Group: UnitTwo (YK26)
Misc Patterns: ArigaTaiko (YK26)
Drills: by UnitOne (YK26)
Misc Patterns: ArigaTaiko (YK25)
@ATUS Group: UnitTwo
Misc Patterns: ArigaTaiko (YK24)
Misc Patterns: Los Dokos (YK24)
Naname Patterns: Jack Bazaar (YK24)
Yodan-Uchi Patterns: Level II (YK24)
Misc Patterns: Los Dokos (YK23)
Misc Patterns: Los Dokos (YK22)
Misc Patterns: Los Dokos (YK21)
Misc Patterns: Los Dokos (YK20)
Misc Patterns: Los Dokos (YK19)
Hachijo Musicality: Hachijou Aikoukai Fall, Winter 2017
Hachijo Musicality: Friday: Hachijou Aikoukai
Group: Advanced Youth (6-14yrs) YK15
Form: Intermediate Youth (6-14yrs) YK15
Hachijo Musicality: Hachijou Aikoukai 2017
Beta Form: Beginning Youth (6-14yrs) YK14
Form: Intermediate Youth (6-14yrs) YK14
Group: Advanced Youth (6-14yrs) YK14
Misc Patterns: ArigaTaiko (YK13)
Naname Form: Intermediate Youth (6-14yrs) YK13
Beta Form: Beginning Youth (6-14yrs) YK13
Naname Form: Fundamentals (KB13)
Misc Patterns: ArigaTaiko (R12)
Naname Form: Intermediate Youth (6-14yrs) R12
Beta Form: Beginning Youth (6-14yrs) R12
Naname Patterns: Los Dokos Jack Bazaar Intensive (KB13)
Misc Drills: Guided LATIdama Projects (G12)
Misc Patterns: ArigaTaiko (R11)
Beta Form: Beginning Youth (6-14yrs)
Naname Form: Intermediate Youth (6-14yrs)
Hachijo Musicality: Hachijou Aikoukai 2016
Misc Patterns: ArigaTaiko (R10)
Beta Patterns: Oroshi (G11)
Naname Patterns: Jack Bazaar 2016 Wed
Naname Form: Intermediate Youth (6-14yrs)
Beta Form: Beginning Youth (6-14yrs)